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Epicure cincinnati: Project review


It is encouraging that people want to talk about food waste.


Media coverage about food waste grew 25% per year from 2011-2016

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In a 2016 poll, 74% of adults reported that the issue of wasted food was important to them


But did you know where most food waste comes from?


43% from Homes

27 Million Tons


40% from Grocery stores, wholesalers, and commercial kitchens

25 Million Tons


16% From Farms

10 Million Tons


2% from Manufacturing

1 Million Tons


Join this unique, 3-step-exploration, and help uncover what our communities beliefs, behaviors, and biases are about food.


Step 1: Eat

Eat chef-created meals, prepared with imperfect foods, to bring about understanding, acceptance, and adoption of ugly looking ingredients at home and in restaurants.

Dates TBA

In partnership with Eli’s BBQ, we’ll be using imperfect produce in this delicious, chef-made meal. Want to learn more? Enter your email address below.



Dates TBA

Local caterers we’ll utilize imperfect produce in the making of these tasty boxed lunches. Want to host a free Lunchbox meal at your office? Enter your email address below.


STEP 2: Share

Share thoughts and conversations about the food you choose to eat and the food you choose to throw away

Help us gather insights about the use and availability of imperfect food in the Cincinnati area. Missions are simple, quick and facilitated via an app on your phone. 

This mission is about capturing photos of the imperfect produce you have at home and sharing your decisions regarding which items to eat or not.

This mission is about capturing photos/videos of the produce you see at grocery stores and/or farmers markets that appear imperfect or marketed that way.

This mission is for those who currently work in a commercial kitchen and can shed some light on how ugly/ripened produce is currently being used in the meal preparation process. Please note that this is not an expose so no personnel names or business names will be made public.

Interested in completing a Mission? Click on the one that interests you, type the name of the mission in the subject line and click send. We’ll respond with additional information and mission instructions.


Step 3: Learn

Learn from fun, awareness-building, online games that will reveal how the “visual” appeal of ripening food and the language we use to describe it, affects our desire to purchase and consume them.

Think of this game as “Tinder” for discovering food preferences. You’ll rate the produce you eat or won’t eat. We’ll track responses from chefs and non-chefs to reveal the differences that exists between those that work with food professionally and those who don’t.

View Cumulative Results

Vote on new, appetizing names to describe “ugly” produce and help change the way we perceive these misshapen but perfectly edible foods - add your own suggestion(s) to the list as well.

View Cumulative Results


Head over to our Facebook page to learn more about Epicure events and meet more people who are dedicated to reducing the amount of food we waste and follow these links to information and tools that will help you reduce food waste at home.

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